kate tova

Kate Tova was born and raised in the small riverside town of Balakovo, Russia. She spent a part of her childhood in a countryside surrounded by horses, cows, goats and dogs. While walking with horses in the field, making bouquets of wildflowers and watching the sunsets, she built an appreciation for the beauty of the little things in life. With no formal art instruction, Kate self-studied artistic techniques at an early age and began painting watercolors of animals at age 6.  She sold her first painting at age 12.

Kate became particularly inspired after her grandma took her horseback riding in the mountains in Sochi. She painted her first painting of a girl on a horse – a self-portrait. Since then, humans and horses have been the main subject of her work.

Kate began her formal art education by age eleven. After 4 years in Art school she moved to Moscow to pursue an education in art and advertising. Supported by the wealth of resources at her new academy, Kate honed her skills in painting, illustration, photography and many more. She became interested in human and horse anatomy, collecting references and working on sketches during her free time. Despite her increasingly diverse portfolio, Kate’s greatest passion has always been painting. Her current work focuses on the beauty of the human face and the natural elegance of horses and dogs.

Kate has earned awards and recognition participating in art exhibitions and competitions in Vienna, Berlin, New York, and other cities around the world. Her art has appeared on the covers of foreign music records, published in international magazines, and in jewelry collections.

In the summer of 2015 Kate moved to New Orleans, USA. She finds it a very artistic city with an inspiring atmosphere and beautiful nature. New Orleans has reflected in her art through elegant gold leaf backgrounds, French Quarter lace patterns, and majestic New Orleans clouds. Her new home continues to invigorate her creative process.



2010      Solo Painting exhibition at the City exhibition hall in Balakovo, Russia

2012      Solo exhibition, Moscow, Russia

2013      One-day Painting exhibition in the gallery “Shelk”, Moscow, Russia


2010      Annual exhibition «Spring mood», City exhibition hall, Russia
2013      “New York Realism” paintings exhibition in New York, USA
2013      “Art Week in Berlin”, Germany

2014      “Time For ART. Part2” group exposition at ARTPLAY gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014       Presented at the World ORT Student Showcase, Prague, Czech Republic

2016       Spring Exhibition at Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery, New Orleans, USA


2007      First place in the international competition Open Europe, Austria

2013      Second place in the international competition “Art Week in Berlin”, Germany