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Kate Tova is a full-time contemporary artist currently living and working in San Francisco. In her recent work, she experiments with vibrant, large-scale multimedia portraits incorporating interactive, reflective mediums.

Kate was born in the small riverside town of Balakovo, Russia. As a child, she demonstrated early virtuosity in visual arts and soon moved to Moscow to expand her opportunities in the busy capital. Her constant urge to create and experiment won her recognition across Russia, Europe and the United States. In 2015 she moved to New Orleans, where she began working as a full-time artist. After four bright and successful years in the Big Easy, she moved once more to San Francisco.

Kate has earned awards and critical acclaim participating in art exhibitions in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Prague and other cities around the world. Tova’s commissions have ranged from ceiling and wall murals in Moscow restaurants to live painting performances at fundraisers and venues such as the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Her art has appeared on the covers of foreign music records, been published in international magazines, and even inspired a jewelry collection.

Artist Statement

Growing up in industrial post-Soviet Russia, painting was the escape that got me through dreary seven-month winters. After moving to New Orleans in 2015, I found myself in a world I had only experienced through my paintings. The city has reflected in my work through elegant gold leaf backgrounds, French Quarter lace patterns, and vivid Mardi Gras colors. In New Orleans I also became involved with several organizations that contribute to the mission of empowering women through education and domestic violence relief.

My art is about capturing the unique essence of a subject. My recent works have been characterized by extravagant colors and effusive brushstrokes that externalize the internal beauty of my subjects. I have always been drawn to paint women, and this style has provided a vehicle to portray the power, dignity, and beauty of each individual.

All my life I have had an undeniable urge to create art. What began as a childhood hobby became an obsession that consumes my every day.

Frida, Painting, Contemporary, Colorful. Thick Paint, Multi Media, Beautiful, Flowers, Usa, Buy, Purchase, Art, Artwork
Frida, Painting, Contemporary, Colorful. Thick Paint, Multi Media, Beautiful, Flowers, Usa, Buy, Purchase, Art, Artwork
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