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Colorful Custom Painting, Woman, Flowers, Hibiscus, Colorful, Beautiful, Contemporary


36″ x 48″,

Acrylics, gold leaf, Mardi Gras beads and jewels on wood


I met Autumn one day while shopping at a grocery store. Something clicked in my head when I saw her. You never know where inspiration will strike! It was my first time asking a stranger to pose for a painting. I was worried that I would seem creepy or awkward, but I mustered up the courage and she was very excited! Autumn is a fellow aspiring artist and I found her to be an incredibly sweet and interesting person. She changes her hair style and color like gloves which blows my mind. She showed up for the photoshoot with her hair dyed turquoise – my favorite color! I look forward to working with her on future collaborative projects.

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