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Pavlín II

15.5″ x 17.5″

Oil, sequins, rhinestones and glitter on gold leaf on glass.

Hand gilded wood frame.



When I was little, I had a few peacock feathers standing in a little pink vase in my room. My grandfather brought them to me after my grandmother passed away. He told me that the eyes on peacock feathers symbolize the “eyes” of the stars and would watch over me and guard me from bad things.

The feathers were precious to me. I had never seen anything like them before. I admired how they reflected sunlight as if crafted from tiny little diamonds. Sometimes I would bring the feathers along with me and watched how their colors changed depending on the lighting. I also noticed that every feather hides a violet heart within its pattern.

This series “Pavlín” is inspired by my grandfather and the striking beauty of peacocks. For me their feathers are more than just a perfect design but a beautiful memory and a symbol of spirit.

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