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“Scarlet Peony Glitch”

24 x 23 inches

Acrylic and Gold Leaf of Wood



About the Collection:


In Kate Tova’s new series, Glitches, the contemporary artist juxtaposes nature and technology. Glitches represents portraits of technology and liberation linked to innovation. The characteristic central explosive movement of each painting serves as a visual representation of escaping repression.

Drawing from her life experiences living under authoritarianism in her home country, Russia, the paintings embody symbols of resistance and freedom. Tova’s new series highlights the societal role technology plays in both oppression and liberation. It thematically layers the artist’s life experiences through a vibrant and positive color palette. The use of expressive brushstrokes and impasto illustrates the struggle of technology as both a good and evil aspect of authority. Through optimistic vivid colors, the artist expresses how technology can serve as a mediator of freedom and a positive tool to break structural and social confines. Tova illustrates a return to free-living and elevates technology as a benefit for society.

Glitches explores the idea of nature as a symbol for freedom, more specifically its unprecedented potential. Much like the San Francisco area, Tova’s new works combine the untraditional relationship between technology and nature. Directly inspired by San Francisco’s unique natural landscape, the works in Glitches allude to the sea and flora of California. The forms found in the series are abstracted shapes, flora, fauna, and other imaginative elements are cleverly and subtly interwoven in the composition. Not bound by traditional painting or typical canvas perceptions, Tova’s paintings embody an ethereal feel through strong yet delicate forms.

Claudia S. Preza

Independent Curator & Art Writer

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