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Forgotten Warrior. 14x18 inches. 35.6x45.7 cm. Acrylics, gold leaf on paper. 2016 by KATE TOVA horse saint nimbus red poppies flowers war horse beautiful sad crying tear blue golden gold sunlight
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«Forgotten Warrior»

14×18 inches / 35.6×45.7 cm

Acrylics, gold leaf on paper


This painting is dedicated to the horses that died during wars. 8 million horses, donkeys and dogs lost their lives during World War I alone. People never talk about the killed animals and their great role in wars. They were trained to be «bulletproof» and fearless like soldiers and to move forward no matter how weak they felt.
With this artwork the artist wants to bring up this subject and remind people about the innocent victims of wars and their help during blood spilling battles.
The wreath of red poppies on horse’s neck is a symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime.
The golden halo over the horse’s head deifies her. The golden lines represent sunlight and falling missiles at the same time.

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