kate tova

Born and raised in the small town of Balakovo, Russia, Kate spent most of her formative years painting on the banks of the Volga River. Consequently, the harmony of water, nature, and man are the foundation of her work. Kate is an idealist. She strives to breathe soul into the ordinary, and dreams of a world more perfect than our own. Even on the most dreary winter day, Kate finds inspiration to create scenes filled with warmth and sunshine. She desires for her art to evoke pleasant emotions and to convey a sense of beauty and harmony in spite of the unpleasant realities that may surround us. Kate seeks to share her experience of art as escapism.

Kate began her formal art education by age eleven. At the age of fifteen, she moved over 1000 miles from her home to pursue an education in art and advertising in Moscow. Availed by the wealth of resources at her new academy, Kate worked to hone her skills in painting, illustration, photography, videography, and 3D graphics. Despite her increasingly diverse portfolio, Kate’s greatest passion has always been to painting with oil and watercolor. A major feature of her style is the incorporation of paint drips connected by delicate chains. Reminiscent of elegant lace cobweb, these details lend her works a sense tenderness and ease. Kate’s portraits are at once dreamlike and haunting real, while her other creations often take form in playful pastels.

Kate has earned awards and recognition participating in art exhibitions and competitions in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Prague, Moscow etc. Her art has appeared on the covers of foreign music records, published in international magazines, and in jewelry collections. Many of Kate’s works are in public and private collections around the world.

Currently based in New Orleans, USA.